COVID-19 Data Sharing

Network Activities: Research & Response

Secure data sharing for the public good is more urgent now than ever. State and local governments and their non-profit and university partners are working hard to adapt to the evolving crisis by providing access to cross-agency data to support health care systems, vulnerable populations, unemployment and social safety net programs, and child care and early learning for essential workers.

AISP Network sites are using integrated data for:

  • Creating public data visualizations and tools to communicate with the public about the virus and related program and policy changes
  • Maintaining dashboards to track cases, capacity and resource use and inform policy-makers
  • Forecasting impacts on Medicaid, agencies, and state budgets
  • Studying patterns in population health and disparate impact of virus
  • Identifying individuals and neighborhoods most at risk for hospitalization and negative outcomes and deploying interventions

For examples & analysis of Network COVID-19 efforts, see AISP’s two-part series:

Based on recent Network conversations, we’ve started an informal spreadsheet to collect and share ideas and links to local efforts that might be replicated, and we hope you’ll contribute! To submit additional examples or if you have COVID-19 data sharing questions you’d like to crowd-source, please reach out to Kristen at

Partner Pages

The following AISP partners are frequently updating much longer resource lists for state and local governments and their partners.