What is the AISP Learning Community TA & how do I apply?

Our 18-month TA program, the AISP Learning Community, is designed to accelerate the rate of growth in the IDS field, and help developing sites build political will and IDS capacity, connect to national experts, and learn from their peers across the country.

The TA is specifically geared for sites that seek to develop and sustain an IDS for policy analysis and program evaluation. It will not address administrative data integration for purposes of case management.

Applicants may be located anywhere in the United States, and must meet the following requirements:

  1. States and/or local government agencies interested in IDS development, or their representatives (university or non-profit organization).


  1. Currently working on IDS development, as expressed through:
  • Agency executive leadership – demonstration of an expressed commitment by executive agency leaders to IDS creation
  • Staff capacity – identification of interdisciplinary personnel who will play a leadership role in the IDS development effort

We anticipate our next Request for Applications will be released in Fall 2019.