Unlocking the Value of Data Sharing: Healthcare

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Author(s): Data Across Sectors for Health
Publication Date: 09/01/2018

From the author(s): Integrating health care data with data from other sectors is essential for fostering a more holistic and accurate understanding of individual and community health and well-being. This paper provides guidance for those in non-health care sectors (e.g. housing, social services, community-based organizations) on effectively engaging and advancing conversations with health care stakeholders about sharing data. It focuses on the specific stakeholder of hospitals/ health systems and addresses the following components: 1. General background on hospitals/health systems 2. Important drivers and concerns of hospitals/health systems (e.g. financing, incentives, accountability, etc.) 3. The value for hospitals/health systems of exchanging data with other sectors This paper is intended to provide context and background for your approach to local health care leaders and point to areas of potential action or opportunities to partner with health care. In the introductory paper to this series, we provide a basic method for engaging stakeholders in your community who may share your interest in collaborating and sharing data. We invite you to consider how to approach health care colleagues using the framework and guiding questions in the introductory paper. Similar papers on other sectors are available at www.dashconnect.org/value.

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DASH National Program Office (2018). Unlocking the Value of Data Sharing: Healthcare. Data Across Sectors for Health. https://dashconnect.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Unlocking-Value_Health-Care-PDF.pdf.

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