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Over 40 sites, some state level and some local level data sharing efforts, participate in our Network. As of December 2023, sites in the AISP Network cover 51% of the US population. To learn more, visit our Network Map.

Every site is different, but common types of data that are shared for approved purposes include: early childhood programs, K-12 education, child welfare, public health, legal system (adult and juvenile), economic security, and housing. Linking this information at the individual level makes it easier for agencies and their research partners to understand individual and community needs and improve policy, programs, and the lives of people. For more on how Network sites are using cross-agency data, explore the Data Sharing Landscape.

We invite data sharing efforts to join the AISP Network based on a number of criteria around organizational readiness, data governance, and data use. Learn more about the benefits of joining the AISP Network here.

Yes, we can provide consultation on the following topics:

  • Community engagement and agenda-setting
  • Data governance 
  • Legal frameworks for data sharing
  • Procedures for data access
  • Data management & analytics
  • Staffing data infrastructure 
  • Political & economic sustainability 

To learn more, please reach out to Emily Berkowitz at

No, AISP does not hold data from Network sites. We recommend you explore our individual site pages for links to specific data request procedures. If you are interested in joining a community of  researchers who are leveraging integrated data to address key social policy issues, check out the AISP Research Exchange.

AISP does coordinate opportunities for multi-site research projects when research interests align across a number of sites, sometimes facilitating access and shared analytic planning. If you are interested in discussing a research proposal with multiple Network sites, please contact Emily Berkowitz at

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