Integrated Data Systems Map

Explore Data Sharing Efforts Across the United States

AISP supports data sharing and integration efforts working from start up to maturity. View the reach of our partners and click on specific sites to find out more about the work.

Our powerful Network Sites have established cross-agency data agreements across multiple projects. AISP Developing Sites are working in groups with other data sharing initiatives to develop the human and technical capacity to effectively link and share their data.

The map demonstrates the increasing breadth and depth of data efforts nationwide. It is by no means a comprehensive accounting, nor is it intended to imply any judgment regarding the quality or maturity of sites included or omitted.

Explore Data Sharing Efforts Across the United States

Among the growing number of data sharing and integration efforts across the United States, we are privileged to partner with and support 36 sites that constitute the AISP Network.

Our Network is an active and engaged community committed to strengthening data governance, building infrastructure, and using data for impact. Network members range from large, well-established integrated data systems to efforts that are still in the formative stages of development, and all contribute to the dynamic collaboration and learning that define our community.

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