AISP Network: Wisconsin Administrative Data Core

About the Work

Wisconsin’s Administrative Data Core was developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP), evolving from a series of large-scale evaluation projects conducted for the state starting in the 1980s. This extensive IDS, which now includes data from multiple agencies, (e.g., child welfare, health services, corrections) allows for cross-program comparisons and analysis that would not be possible using a single agency’s data. Wisconsin’s Early Childhood IDS (ECIDS) was developed beginning in 2011 through a grant and collaboration between three state agencies –the Departments of Children & Families, Public Instruction, Health Services. It now provides daily refreshed, cross-departmental information to internal analysts to guide decision-making and improve early childhood outcomes.

Wisconsin Administrative Data Core is hosted by Instutite for Research on Poverty (IRP), University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Integrating data since: 1985

Jurisdiction: Wisconsin

Scale: state

Contact: Steven Cook, Researcher
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About the Data

Data Included

Child Welfare
Early Childhood
Economic Security

Current Data Uses

To inform policy
Program evaluation
Grant reporting, planning, and development
Predictive analytics/forecasting

Relevant Policy Priorities

Child welfare
Early childhood education
Early childhood risk factors
Economic mobility/employment
Healthcare service use
Juvenile justice
K-12 education
Social determinants of health
Substance use/opioid use
Two-generation programs

Information and Resources