Our Services

At AISP, we partner with new and established data sharing efforts to improve data access and use.

Iowa Seminar

Peer Network

We connect members of our network to innovations, best practices, and research and funding opportunities. We also create spaces for people to share their work and learn from peers. 

Learn more about how to engage with the AISP Network.

Guidance & Standards

Many of our reports on best practices for data sharing are available for free in our Resource Library. If you are new to data sharing, we recommend getting started with our Introduction to Data Sharing.

Training & Consulting

We offer structured training, technical assistance and customized consulting to support new data sharing collaborations and partnerships on a range of topics, including:

  • Community engagement and agenda-setting
  • Data governance 
  • Legal frameworks for data sharing
  • Procedures for data access
  • Data management & analytics
  • Staffing data infrastructure 
  • Political & economic sustainability 

Reach out to see how AISP can support your data sharing effort.

Advocacy & Communications

We engage at the local, state and federal level to advocate for and document the impact of legal, ethical, and sustainable data sharing collaborations. 

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Actionable Research

Data don’t make meaning, people do. We also work to train researchers to use administrative data responsibly and collaboratively and connect them to data sharing efforts with shared interests. 

Learn more about how the AISP Research Exchange supports researchers from across the AISP Network to leverage integrated data for social policy impact.

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