Centering Racial Equity

A Toolkit for Centering Racial Equity Throughout Data Integration

Cross-sector data sharing and integration transform information about individuals into actionable intelligence that can be used to understand community needs, improve services, and build stronger communities. Yet, use of cross-sector data can also reinforce legacies of racist policies and produce inequitable resource allocation, access, and outcomes.

Since 2019, AISP has led a diverse workgroup of civic data stakeholders to co-create strategies and identify best practices to center racial equity in data integration efforts.

Centering racial equity is not a single, discrete step. A Toolkit for Centering Racial Equity Throughout Data Integration describes positive and problematic practices for centering racial equity across the six stages of the data life cycle.

Curious about implementing these positive practices? Learn alongside our Equity in Practice Learning Community, and sign up for our free data equity discussion series.

Data Life Cycle

  1. Planning

  2. Data collection

  3. Data access

  4. Use of algorithms and statistical tools

  5. Data analysis

  6. Reporting and dissemination

Work in Action sections throughout the Toolkit highlight current site-based examples taking place at each stage.

We are working to create a new kind of data infrastructure— one that dismantles ‘feedback loops of injustice’ and instead shares power and knowledge with those who need systems change the most. Will you join us?

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Peer Reviewed Article
A Framework for Centering Racial Equity Throughout the Administrative Data Life Cycle, by Hawn Nelson & Zanti. International Journal of Population Data Science, Vol. 5 (3), October 2020.   *Important to note that this peer-reviewed journal article is open access

Peer Reviewed Presentation
Centering Racial Equity Throughout Data Integration, Online presentation of International Population Data Linkage Network (on YouTube), November 2020

Short Article
Applying a Race Equity Lens to Build Thriving Communities: Centering Racial Equity Across the Lifecycle. American Public Human Services Administration (APHSA) Magazine, Zanti, Katz, & Hawn Nelson, August 2020

Panel Presentations
Canada School of Public Service Digital Academy’s Removing Bias and Building Trust in Your Data

Webinar Series
All In and the Network for Public Health Law, 3-part series on Racial Equity:
Part 1: Is it legal? Is it ethical? Is it a good idea? An Introduction to cross-sector data sharing, Amy Hawn Nelson & Emily Berkowitz
Part 2: How do you center racial equity throughout the data life cycle? Amy Hawn Nelson & Bridget Blount
Part 3: Successfully engaging stakeholders to center racial equity across the data life cycle, Tawana Petty, Sue Gallagher, & Amy Hawn Nelson

Urban Institute, coordinator of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, and AISP event, “Centering Racial Equity in Data Use”. You can also access presentation slides & Urban’s Principles for Advancing Equitable Data Practice document here.

Personal Data Day, “Racial Justice in Data, a Toolkit,” Tawana Petty & Amy Hawn Nelson

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