Data Sharing Landscape

Public and private agencies share and integrate data for many purposes. Some are working to better coordinate care for patients. Others are working to better serve families with complex social service needs, or to allocate resources more equitably in their community. Whatever your goal, data integration is a team effort.

While every community is different, there are five key components of quality that set successful efforts apart. The following framework outlines best practices and guiding questions related to each component to help you on your data sharing journey.

Access to Data Holdings

AISP tracks reported data from leading data sharing efforts about what data they are linking and how linked data are being used.

Data shown is from AISP’s 2023  national survey. 

Most Commonly Integrated Data

  • Early Childhood
  • Child Welfare
  • K-12 Education

Most Common Uses of Data

  • Inform Policy
  • Program Evaluation
  • Research

Explore Site Data

Data reported is a starting point and does not mean that all sites have fully linked all data or that sites can share their data for any purpose.

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