AISP Network: Iowa’s Integrated Data System for Decision Making (I2D2)

About the Work

This state-university partnership supports Iowa’s investments in more effective and efficient coordinated systems of care for young children and their families. Building from a legislative mandate through Early Childhood Iowa that commissioned state departments toward collaboration, I2D2 brings together leadership from the Departments of Management, Public Health, Human Services, Education, Human Rights, Economic Development, and Workforce Development and faculty at Iowa State University.

Through the AISP Learning Community training and technical assistance program, Iowa developed governance documents, executed foundational legal agreements, and conducted in depth stakeholder interviews with data partners to inventory administrative data systems and craft an initial inquiry agenda. Since then, the system has been used to better understand early childhood service utilization and the early childhood workforce, including supporting a comprehensive statewide needs assessment as part of a Preschool Development Grant B-5.

Iowa’s Integrated Data System for Decision Making (I2D2) is hosted by Department of Management & Iowa State University.

Integrating data since: 2016

Jurisdiction: Iowa

Scale: state

Contact: Heather Rouse, Assistant Professor
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About the Data

Data Included

Vital records
Early childhood
Other state or local data sources

Current Data Uses

To inform policy
Program evaluation
Community needs assessment
Grant reporting, planning, and development

Relevant Policy Priorities

Early childhood education
Early childhood risk factors
Two-generation programs
Workforce training

Information and Resources

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