AISP Network: Miami-Dade IDEAS Consortium for Children

About the Work

The Miami-Dade IDEAS Consortium for Children (Integrating Data for Effectiveness across Systems) is a research-practice partnership organized by the University of Miami and four leading systems that impact early learning outcomes.   Our mission is to improve outcomes for children from birth through age eight by aligning information from multiple programs that support young children and their families.  Through collective action we are building a holistic and equity-focused learning network:  one that connects the expertise of academics, service systems, and local communities to strengthen early childhood research, practice, and policy.

Miami-Dade IDEAS Consortium for Children is hosted by University of Miami.

Integrating data since: 2014

Jurisdiction: Miami-Dade County

Scale: county

Contact: Mark Needle, Facilitator
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About the Data

Data Included

Early Childhood
Economic Security

Current Data Uses

To inform policy
Program evaluation
Inform funding allocation/budget decisions
Community needs assessment
Grant reporting, planning, and development

Relevant Policy Priorities

Child welfare
Early childhood education
Early childhood risk factors
Racial Equity
Social Determinants of Health
Two-generation programs

Information and Resources