AISP Network: Vermont Agency of Human Services Data Collaborative (ADC)

About the Work

Vermont has started the process of linking together Medicaid claims data with vital statistics and incarceration data. We continue to work to improve the linkage as well as look for opportunities to incorporate additional data.

Vermont is currently in the planning stages of an agency-wide data project looking at the people placed in hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic and how housing impacts various aspects of their lives.

Vermont’s Agency of Human Services is also in the process of developing it’s a standardized legal framework and process for data sharing within the agency with the hope of expending it statewide soon after that.

Vermont Agency of Human Services Data Collaborative (ADC) is hosted by Agency of Human Services/Department of Mental Health.

Integrating data since: 2018

Jurisdiction: Vermont

Scale: state

Contact: Karen Godnick Barber, General Counsel
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About the Data

Data Included

Vital records
Child welfare & adult protection
Early childhood
Legal system & law enforcement
Economic security & jobs
Housing & homelessness
Other state or local data sources

Current Data Uses

To inform policy
Inform funding allocation/budget decisions
Community Needs Assessment

Relevant Policy Priorities

Adult legal system & law enforcement
Child welfare
Early childhood risk factors
Mental health
Substance use/opioid use

Information and Resources

Case Studies

No case studies yet.
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