AISP Network: Los Angeles County Enterprise Linkages Project 2.0

About the Work

In 2007, nine Los Angeles County Departments entered into an agreement to share comprehensive information on the multi-system service utilization patterns of people receiving a county-funded cash assistance program. That project, now known as the Enterprise Linkages Project (ELP), was eventaully expanded across a spectrum of publicly funded health, mental health, social and corrections services to allow for the formulation of a complete picture of county needs, resources, and outcomes. expended upon participants in the GR and other public programs. ELP data helps foster collaboration between county agencies and identify redundancies in services, resulting in the potential for cost avoidance and cost savings.

Los Angeles County Enterprise Linkages Project 2.0 is hosted by LA Chief Executive Office, Research and Evaluation Services Unit.

Integrating data since: 2007

Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County, CA

Scale: county

Contact: Max Stevens, Principal Analyst
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About the Data

Data Included

Child Welfare

Current Data Uses

To inform policy
Program evaluation
Outcomes oriented/performance-based contracting
Inform funding allocation/budget decisions
Predictive analytics/forecasting

Relevant Policy Priorities

Adult justice
Child welfare
Economic mobility/employment
Healthcare service use
Juvenile justice
Mental health
Social determinants of health
Substance use/opioid use
Workforce training

Information and Resources