AISP Network: CalHHS Record Reconciliation and Agency Data Hub

About the Work

Since 2017, the California Health and Human Services (CHHS) Agency and the Children’s Data Network (CDN) at the University of Southern California have partnered to improve services for and generate knowledge about the citizens of California through data sharing and integration. With support from the AISP Learning Community initiative, CHHS and CDN first conducted a massive “record reconciliation” effort to link and organize administrative records across major CHHS programs and data sources. This effort resulted in the development of encrypted master “intra-agency” client identifiers and constituted an important first step toward organizing CHHS data into family units and households – context critical to understanding CHHS clients and service experiences.

Now, CDN and CHHS are working with a number of other state partners on the development of a secure, cloud-based research enclave for hosting record-level research data sets and accompanying linkage keys. Once operational, the California Health and Human Services (CHHS) Research Data Hub (RDH) will provide carefully controlled, role-based access to analysts within CHHS and give external research partners access to curated data sets and statistical resources within this analytic environment.

CalHHS Record Reconciliation and Agency Data Hub is hosted by California Health & Human Services (CHHS).

Integrating data since: 2018

Jurisdiction: California

Scale: state

Contact: David Sanabria, Chief Data Strategist and Data Architect
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About the Data

Data Included

Vital records
Child welfare & adult protection
Early childhood
Legal system & law enforcement
Economic security & jobs

Current Data Uses

To inform policy
Program evaluation
Inform funding allocation & budget decisions
Community needs assessment

Relevant Policy Priorities

Child welfare
Early childhood risk factors
Healthcare service use
Social determinants of health
Substance use & opioid use
Two-generation programs
Cross-program service continuity and connection

Information and Resources

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