AISP Network: MSP Education Equity Data Hub

About the Work

Generation Next was founded in 2012 to address the opportunity and achievement gaps facing students across the Twin Cities. As a cradle-to-career backbone organization addressing systemic education disparities serving both Minneapolis and Saint Paul (MSP)—with direct engagement of the Superintendents from both districts—we convene a coalition of partners to create data-driven collective impact for students.

This coalition includes Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) and Saint Paul Promise (SPP), two of the key data integration partners taking part in this project. These place-based collective impact organizations work directly in neighborhoods through established local relationships with impact that reaches beyond their geographic focus. Both organizations’ leaders are active in the Generation Next Leadership Council and represented on the Data Committee, providing a shared platform for systems change across our region.

MSP Education Equity Data Hub is hosted by Generation Next.

Integrating data since: 2012

Jurisdiction: Minneapolis and St. Paul

Scale: city

Contact: Joe Munnich
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About the Data

Data Included

Early Childhood
Economic Security & Jobs
Other State or Local Data Sources

Current Data Uses

To inform policy
Program evaluation
Inform funding allocation/budget decisions
Community needs assessment
Grant reporting, planning, and development

Relevant Policy Priorities

Child welfare
Early childhood education
Economic mobility/employment
K-12 education
Two-generation programs

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Case Studies

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