AISP Network: Camden ARISE

About the Work

Camden ARISE (Administrative Records Integration for Service Excellence) combines information from public data systems to create a multi-dimensional picture of citywide challenges. By linking information from multiple data systems, including criminal justice, healthcare, and housing, Camden ARISE can help drive better decisions about allocation of resources and address the root causes of recurring public problems. The Camden HIE is a real-time data exchange platform that compliments Camden ARISE.

Camden ARISE is hosted by Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers.

Integrating data since: 2010

Jurisdiction: Camden County, NJ

Scale: county

Contact: Aaron Truchil, Director of Analytics
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Camden County, NJ

About the Data

Data Included

Vital records
Child welfare & adult protection
Legal system & law enforcement

Current Data Uses

To inform policy
Program evaluation
Case management
Community needs assessment
Grant reporting, planning, and development
Predictive analytics & forecasting

Relevant Policy Priorities

Early childhood risk factors
Healthcare service use
Social determinants of health

Information and Resources


Case Studies

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