Best Practices

Data Quality

The value of an integrated data system is directly proportional to the quality of data integrated. Established systems’ audit records and collaborate with partners to ensure quality data. Because the collection of administrative data is not originally done with research in mind, issues regarding data quality arise. This can be offset through data linkage. Best […]

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Benefit Cost Analysis

Benefit cost analysis (BCA) is an accounting framework used to evaluate the financial consequences of decisions. Its primary objective is to improve public welfare, and often the data used to perform BCA cannot be easily quantified since they are non-market goods. BCA of administrative data can be used to determine whether social policy initiatives warrant

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Legal Issues

Large, electronic datasets are vital tool in social science research. They can contain information from a variety of sources such as, healthcare records, criminal justice and juvenile justice records, education records, child welfare records, or judicial records. These datasets do raise concerns around individual privacy and confidentiality issues as they contain sensitive information about individuals,

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The ever-growing digital world allows for quicker analysis and understanding of data. With this comes a variety of ethical issues and considerations associated with the maintenance, integration, and use of administrative data for research purposes. Before conducting research or even establishing an integrated data system, the following four principles must be considered: Security of the

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Data Integration

There are no shortage of data at government agencies. The issue is that these data are typically housed at the agency responsible for collecting it, and these agencies don’t automatically permit their data to ‘talk’ to each other. For example, in a given city, foster care, juvenile justice, and homeless services regularly collect data on

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