Data Sharing to Build Effective and Efficient Benefits Systems

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Author(s): Jeneé Y. Saffold, Bridget Gibbons Straughan, Alissa Weiss

Date: 1/1/2023

Benefits Data Trust has designed this Playbook as a “how-to” guide for using data sharing to make benefit systems more effective and efficient. This resource is primarily written for program directors, project managers, policy staff, and others from the city, county, and state government agencies that administer benefits. The goal is to help individuals in those roles work with agency executives, legal and data teams, and other key stakeholders to scope and design successful data sharing projects. While largely focused on data sharing within and across administering agencies, the Playbook also includes information about data sharing with community outreach partners, as well as the healthcare, higher education, and research sectors.

Suggested Citation

Saffold, J.Y. Gibbons Straughan, B., & Weiss, A. (2023). Data Sharing to Build Effective and Efficient Benefits Systems. Benefits Data Trust.

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