Establishing a Standard Data Model for Large-Scale IDS Use

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Author(s): Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy

Date: 3/1/2017

Published by AISP AISP Logo

Technology & Data Security Panel ReportIn 2016, AISP received funding from The Laura and John Arnold Foundation to convene four panels of industry experts and document best practices in the IDS field related to governance, legal issues, technology and security, and data standards. These reports serve as the foundation of the AISP training and technical assistance curriculum, and are available as a resource to the field at large.

This particular report focuses on data standards and includes:

  • Principles Guiding the Data Selection Process
  • Potential Data Sources and Data Standards
  • Data Repurposing Processes
  • Matrix: Data Sources Included in AISP Network IDS by Domain
  • Matrix: Data Elements by Domain and Data Source

Suggested Citation

Wulczyn, F., Clinch, R., Coulton, C., Keller, S., Moore, J., Muschkin, C., Nicklin A., LeBoeuf, W., and Barghaus, K. (2017). Establishing a Standard Data Model for Largescale IDS Use. Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy. University of Pennsylvania.

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