IDS Case Study: New York City

Case Studies Impact Implementation New York, NY

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Author(s): Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy
Publication Date: 03/01/2014

In 2013, the AISP team conducted in-depth interviews with staff at eight Network sites. The resulting case studies carefully examine the diverse IDS models that exist across the Network, analyze how each site uses their IDS to produce actionable intelligence for social policy and practice, and document core components of robust IDS sites. Our case studies also highlight how sites in the Network: secure and maintain legal agreements, establish and adapt governance processes, manage data and analytic processes, confront economic and political realities in sustaining IDS operations, and document their own exemplary research uses.

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Kitzmiller, Erika M. (2013). IDS Case Study: New York. Creating “One City”: New York City’s Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence. Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, University of Pennsylvania.

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