Integrated Data Systems and Outcomes-Oriented Contracting

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Author(s): AISP and Third Sector Capital Partners

Date: 5/30/2019

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In this post, we describe how outcomes-oriented contracting can leverage linked data to inform government spending and support better service delivery and outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. We also describe how Integrated Data Systems (IDS) can supply the critical data needed throughout the outcomes-oriented contracting process. In a follow-up post, we dive deeper into outcomes-oriented contracting as a high-value use case for IDS-- providing examples from the Empowering Families cohort in the AISP Learning Community, outlining key considerations for building IDS, and discussing opportunities to combine these two strategies to enhance your own agency’s use of data.

Suggested Citation

Jenkins, A., & Straker, J. (2019, May 30). Integrated Data Systems and Outcome-Oriented Contracting: A Powerful Combination for Improving Outcomes. [Blog Post].

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