Narrowing Technology Solutions for Integrated Data System (IDS) Initiatives

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Author(s): Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy and Asemio

Date: 2/1/2022

Published by AISP AISP Logo

AISP enlisted support from Asemio to develop materials to help AISP and network partners understand the technology options that support improved social policy planning and analysis as well as identify opportunities for innovation. This initiative produced a shared framework to facilitate the discussion and comparison of available products, strategies, and partners that support cross-sector data sharing efforts along with a set of recommendations to guide further service, platform, and partner development.

The shared framework was created to help describe technology products that support data sharing for improved social policy planning and analysis. The landscape of data sharing platforms in this domain is still emerging, and technology evolves quickly. Given this, it can be challenging to understand and compare available tools and strategies. The framework is intended to support alignment of discussions of new and existing products, strategies, and partners.

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