Roadmap for Foster Care and K–12 Data Linkages

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Author(s): Data Quality Campaign

Date: 2/28/2017

From the author(s): By sharing data, child welfare and education agencies can work together to significantly improve educational outcomes for students in foster care. These students are often highly mobile and need the coordinated help of both agencies to make smooth transitions between schools, identify and address educational needs, address attendance and discipline issues, ensure student engagement and successful progression toward a high school credential, and more. States need to securely link key foster care and K–12 data to ensure that students in foster care are supported throughout their education with access to a full range of educational opportunities, including higher education. This roadmap highlights seven key focus areas to ensure quality implementation of secure, high-quality data linkages.

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Data Quality Campaign. (2017). Roadmap for Foster Care and K-12 Data Linkages.

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