Legal Agreements & Supporting Documents

Working with and Understanding “Administrative Data”

(from the Child Care & Early Education Research Connections website)

The term administrative data refers to information about individual children, families, and/or providers of early care and education and other family benefits that is collected and maintained as part of the operation of government programs.The resources on the website were selected from a collection of resources about acquiring, using, managing, linking, and analyzing administrative data in early childhood or related fields. The current resources were selected because they:

  1. Highlight advantages and disadvantages to using administrative data;
  2. Detail steps or procedures about how to use administrative data;
  3. Provide state examples about administrative data use; or
  4. Are tools or toolkits that house information about administrative data.

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Additional Resources:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The MOU is the foundational agreement among the IDS contributors and sets forth the core features of the IDS structure as well as the respective legal rights and responsibilities of each party within the IDS. A good MOU will codify both the legal requirements and the operational structure of the IDS. An MOU should be written in plain, simple language so that anyone involved in the IDS (including agency leadership, operational staff, the public) can understand its terms.  

For more on MOUs, and to see samples from AISP Network sites, see our Expert Panel Report, “Legal Issues for IDS Use: Finding a Way Forward.” 

Data Use Agreement (DUA)

A DUA is a legal binding agreement between a department and an external entity (e.g., contractor, private industry, academic institution, other Federal government agency, or state agency), when an external entity requests the use of personal identifiable data that is covered by a legal authority.  IDS in the AISP Network generally use a master MOU to govern their policies and procedures, and require individual approval and a DUA (or DUL) for each research project.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Privacy Act

Supporting Documents

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