Training and Technical Assistance Program

Training and Technical Assistance Program

AISP will launch a three-tiered training and technical assistance program in 2017

Level 1

Level 1 will begin in March 2017, and will consist of a 6-week online course. The course platform is currently being developed in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Online Learning Initiative and edX. The course will be composed of six, cumulative modules that provide participants with a conceptual understanding of the need for actionable intelligence based on the use of integrated administrative data systems in state and local governments. The course will provide basic knowledge regarding the development and function of actionable intelligence within agencies and government. As such, it is intended for sites in the early stages of IDS development, as well as for students of social policy, public health, public administration, and education policy.

Level 2

Level 2 will provide jurisdictions with the opportunity to directly engage with a cohort of other developing IDS sites in a learning community. Each cohort will be composed of five developing IDS sites, all of which will have satisfactorily completed Level-1 training, and will be able to demonstrate commitment from multiple agency partners. In April 2017 AISP will release a formal request for applications in order to determine the five jurisdictions that will make up the first cohort.

Level 3

Level 3 training will be open to sites that have already completed Levels 1 and 2. It will consist of site-specific consultation and problem solving by IDS experts around issues related to the implementation, use, and funding of an IDS.

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