IDS Has Potential to Improve Public School Rating System

The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) published an article that emphasized integrated data systems (IDS) as a worthwhile tool that can be used to better rate public schools. NYC schools are often labeled as successes or failures. Research indicates this rating is inadequate because academic performances are compared only to other schools with similar demographics. In actuality, risk factors for poverty affect student academic performance more than poor economic circumstances.

AISP and the City of Philadelphia conducted a study using records of more than 10,000 Philadelphia third graders. The study suggests that students exposed to certain health and social risk factors have a lower reading performance and attendance rate. In comparison, high poverty rates proved insignificant in showing a student’s academic achievement. The article demonstrates that IDS can be an invaluable tool for education and public health improvement. Researchers urge policymakers to implement IDS in local government to benefit future academic performances of youth.

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