FERPA Decision Matrix

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Author(s): Deja Kemp, JD, Amy Hawn Nelson, PhD, & Della Jenkins, MSSP

Date: 5/17/2023

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Cross-sector data sharing and integration has become more routine and commonplace, and for good reason. When governments and their partners bring together data safely and responsibly, policymakers and practitioners are better equipped to understand student needs and improve schools. Importantly, as education data is frequently shared and integrated, practitioners must decipher the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act’s (FERPA) legal safeguards for sharing and integrating education data. The following matrix was designed to help practitioners begin to understand legal safeguards under FERPA.

Suggested Citation

Kemp, D., Hawn Nelson, A., & Jenkins, D. (2023). Appendix B, FERPA Decision Matrix. Yes, No, Maybe? Legal & Ethical Considerations for Informed Consent in Data Sharing and Integration. Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy. University of Pennsylvania.

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