Washington Post Covers AISP Study

The Washington Post recently published an article on a study that John Fantuzzo, AISP co-Director, did in conjunction with Philadelphia, an AISP Network site. The study focused on the effects disadvantaged children have on the academic performance of other students within the classroom. Researchers examined the performance of over 10,000 students between kindergarten and third grade who were enrolled in the Philadelphia School District. The study, which was recently published in Educational Researcher, found that “risk factor” children negatively affected other students in the same classroom. The study utilized an integrated data system that aggregated information from the Philadelphia School District, multiple social service agencies, and other administrative records.  Fantuzzo’s research suggests that target support and intervention should be geared more towards disadvantaged children – rather than through subgroups such as race, income, disability, and English as a first language, as they are now – to allow for improved conditions for both the disadvantaged students and their peers.

To access the article, click here.

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