Washington State

The Department of Social and Health Services Research and Data and Analysis Division (RDA) developed and maintains Washington State’s integrated client data bases (ICDB). RDA provides the Department with a central research capacity that produces rigorous, policy-driven analyses of government-funded social and health services in Washington State. RDA’s work offers state officials and taxpayers information necessary to enhance their understanding of service needs, populations and risk factors, costs, and outcomes associated with publicly funded social and health services. RDA’s integrated client data bases makes the division uniquely positioned to conduct in-depth analysis of outcomes for clients who use services from multiple DSHS programs. They are able to make these de-identified data available to local, state, and federal agency staff, the Governor’s office, state legislators, and the general public. The division also houses the Human Research Review Board, which protects the privacy and confidentiality of clients and members of the general public who are subjects in any research project that falls under the jurisdiction of DSHS or the Department of Health (DOH).

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