GovEx Interviews Amy Hawn Nelson About How Integrated Data Systems Work

Data Points Podcast Episode 41 – Integrated Data Systems

Linking data from one place or system to another is often key to putting data to use. But few people understand what it takes to integrate and combine data in a useful way. Enter the integrated data system.

In this episode, Eric and Sharon chat with Amy Hawn Nelson, Director of Training and Technical Assistance at AISP, and Chris Kingsley, Senior Consultant to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, to talk about just how integrated data systems work.  Amy and Chris discuss a variety of examples in social and government policy that use integrated data systems to advance their goals. They also talk about the practical nuts and bolts of ensuring an integrated data system is doing what it’s supposed to do.

To learn more about AISP’s recent work, check out their recently published expert panel reports on governance, technology, and more. To learn more about the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s work on integrated data systems, check out their short video introducing IDS, their resource on IDS and Family Services, and a case study on IDS in San Francisco.

Access the complete interview.

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